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Vicky’s Art School

Vicky’s Art School 

September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

Meet Ben, he’s meant for a bigger brighter future!

Ben is a cancer warrior and survivor, and he LOVES cars more than anything! For his

Make A Wish trip, he wanted to visit “Cars Land” at Disneyland, and seeing his face at

Disney was priceless.

My sweet boy, Ben was diagnosed with a brain tumor spanning a little over a quarter of

his brain when he was two and his survival rate was very low. Ben has beat cancer

three times, but he still only has a 60% chance of survival. Despite this fact, Ben keeps

fighting. His last radiation treatment ended March 5th and he is a true champion. His

diagnosis has no cure. For a mother, this is the worst news to receive after five and a

half years of clear scans.

This September we will hold fundraisers that bring awareness to Pediatric Cancer, help

fund Art Therapy and give resources to children that need it, we will also give donations

to cutting-edge brain tumor research to help find a cure for this devastating disease.

Our recipient this year will be Chad Carr Brain Tumor Center at the University of

Michigan, they will receive 50% of all of the funds raised this September.

Did you know?

Every year parents of about 15,300 kids, including kids in our community, will hear the words

“Your child has cancer?”

Cancer remains the number one cause of death in children.

More children than ever before are being diagnosed each year and the survival rate is extremely low.

Every day 43 children are told they have cancer and 12% of those children do not survive.

The average age of children diagnosed is six.

More than 40,000 undergo treatment for cancer every year.

60% of children who survive cancer suffer long-term effects such as ADHD, depression,

epilepsy, autism, infertility, heart failure, and secondary cancers.

There are about 375,000 adult childhood cancer survivors in the United States—

1 in 530 adults ages 20-39.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer the whole family has cancer, and when a child

dies it causes a ripple effect in our entire community; the schools and churches they

attended, sports teams they played on, and neighborhoods they grew up in. Hope

becomes lost when a child dies in our backyard, and if we do nothing, what does that

say about our community and what does that say to our children?

“It takes a village to raise one child”. — African Proverb

As a mother of a warrior, I dream of a day when childhood cancer doesn’t exist, but until

then, I provide emotional, practical, and financial assistance to families experiencing a

child’s cancer diagnosis. At Vicky’s Art School we provide:

  • Case management addressing a family’s unique needs
  • Food during treatment and for six months after
  • Direct financial assistance including rent, utilities, and phone
  • Family or individual counseling sessions (many suffer from PTSD)
  • Healing art activities for children in and out of the hospital as well as parents that need healing during stressful times.
  • Art Camps that brings joy and relaxation
  • Celebrations and milestones to create hope and healing
  • Home visits including assistance, counseling, art therapy, and play
  • Toys and Annual Dinner during the holidays

Today’s the day where you can give to help children with cancer and their families. We provide intensive support for families and children with life-threatening illnesses and 100% of our services are given through donations.

We invite you to become a part of Vicky’s Art School by helping with our September fundraisers or create a fundraiser of your own, you can also give in-kind donations or donate on our website:

Warmest Regards,