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Have you noticed that we've moved?

October 13, 2021

There are many new things happening. As you may have seen we had to move to Michigan.  My son Ben was diagnosed with a couple of reoccurring brain tumors in August 2020, he had surgery to remove them in December 2020 and received radiation treatment that ended March 15th, 2021.  We as a family were not satisfied with the Oncology department at our local hospital as a result, we picked up and moved him to a specialist in Michigan.

We are now going through lots of changes, the transition has not been easy.  

I am still passionate as ever to offer Vicky's Art School to children and families that are interested in creating art that heals.  During this hectic process became certified as an Art therapist.  I'm am very happy to offer this to anyone and everyone that's interested.

As an addition to VAS, we are including pediatric cancer support services for local families.

My overall goal is to upstart a program like Jacob's Heart Pediatric Services that's offered in California JH is a program that is giving over 300 families many of the things and services that are needed during a time that families need it most.

I worked closely with Lori, the founder of Jacob's Heart as a parent and as an outreach coordinator.  I mentioned to her on occasion, that JH needs to be all over the country.  She agreed, but as we know, a task such as that may be daunting. Regardless, I believe that we can do this.  I know that if I gather support from caring people in the community we can make this happen and that this will soon be seen all over the country.  A parent that's struggling may want to turn that struggle into helping other families that are in a similar situation.  We can help each other by building a community of support.  If you want to offer pediatric cancer support in your community please don't hesitate to reach out for help and don't be afraid to emulate what I'm doing which is just doing what I've learned and love. 

Paint-A-Pot project available!


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Paint-a-Pot purchase one and give one

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Meet Richie, Sera's kitty

He likes to watch us create art.